Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some things are up and others are down ...

Hey All,

I know I have not written in a while, but I have been very busy. As a side not I am almost done with my Masters degree program and that is just over-thrilling me. It can be hard to focus. ONE more class left!!

However, on the diet tip, Joseph has lost 3lbs. Which is great but of course I feel like that lady on the Slim Quick commercial. BUT I will try my best to use this as a motivation and not a stumbling block. Afterall, it would benefit everyone in the house if we BOTH looked good come summer time.

In the last 3 days I have eaten pizza (2 slices) AND cheesecake (about 3 slices).

However, we have been sticking to 6 small meals a day and eating breakfast and veggies everyday.

My water intake is down! Sigh .... how did this happen? I am not sure. I will have to do some research on the matter and get back to you.

~Everything is a Process ... Just keep swimming.

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  1. Congratulations on your Masters program! When is graduation?


Thanks for sharing with me as I take this journey.