Friday, February 19, 2010

I Lost 2 lbs ?

So it seems that I have lost 2 lbs. I guess when your habits are so bad, you only have to make a few key changes to see positive results. Although we did not totally stick to Dr. Ian's plan this week. I did manage to make some key changes. I am going to do an end of week evaluation now because I seldom use the computer on the weekend. I purposely try to avoid the internet on the weekends for several reasons, spiritual reviving, spending quality time with family and friends and my dog, and I use the computer at work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week...I welcome a break.

PROS of the WEEK:
1. I increased my water intake. Again when you go from no water a day to more water, it doesn't take much to see the benefits but really, my lips don't get as dry as quickly, I have more energy and less headaches, stronger sex drive. (Right, who knew I was probably dehydrated like everyday and suffering from a mild case of fatigue because of it.)
2. I ate more smaller meals throughout the day to get the metabolism going. This is a huge one! This is probably why I lost the 2 lbs. Basically, I was a one big meal a day type person. Now I get full quicker and I eat more often which also keeps my bowels more regular and that is very healthy.
3. I ate breakfast EVERYDAY! That is critical also because it literally breaks the fast and gets the day in order. This was also a good added QT with the hubby because we ate breakfast together a couple of days.

What I will do better next week:
1. Exercise! I am braiding my hair just so that I have no excuse. I read an article in the Essence magazine and it said Black women are dying to be pretty. Which means we are neglecting exercise because we don't want to mess up our hair. Point blank this is me. My husband hates my hair in a pony tail and I know what he likes. Exercising is rough on my hair. I sweat. I know a lot of women like to pretend like they have no sweat glands but I do and they work perfectly fine.
2. Consistency. I mean yes we fell off for Logan's Roadhouse and we still tryna have a cheat day on Saturday. But you get off and then you get back on instantly, it's the name of the game I suppose.
3. MORE WATER, yes I increased my water intake but I think I can do better and the more water, the better.
4. No eating after 8pm. So we blew this like two days in a row, but our schedules are horrible so this is tough. I will have to try at this for probably the next couple of weeks or just give it up and do it when I can, no pressure.

MEAL 1 - eggs and turkey bacon
MEAL 2 - yogurt and banana
MEAL 3 - chicken sandwich and mixed veggies
MEAL 4 - cheese crackers
MEAL 5 - Tuna Subway Sandwich 6 inch
MEAL 6 - 3 oatmeal cookies (these are allowed by Dr. Ian :))

~Everything is a Process ... Just keep swimming.


  1. Hi - thanks for your comments on my blog and well done with your weight loss. I've really been struggling of late but am more and more determined to get stuck into it again. Keep losing weight. Barx


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