Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 1 in Review

So it is Day 2 we have had to adjust the meal plan already since going from one large meal a day to 4 meals and 2 snacks a day is pretty tough on a family and a budget! I managed to get the crap load of groceries that we needed to make it work without draining our savings. However, Joseph is really having a hard time adjusting because of his work schedule. We have decided to allow him to substitute one of his earlier meals with snacks to help keep his metabolism moving. I have basically done the same for MEAL 2 although I have no schedule conflict. I am not hungry for a real meal at 10am after I have eaten breakfast at around 7:15am. MEAL 2 has transformed into a snack and that happens around 10am. MEAL 3 is lunch at about 12 noon, MEAL 4 is a snack, MEAL 5 is dinner, MEAL 6 is a snack. So as you see there have been some adjustments. On the Dr. Ian diet there are 4 square REAL meals with sides, etc. and two snacks later in the day. In keeping with eating together and prepping dinner right after I get home from work, this works best for us to have one snack at night and dinner at about 6pm or 7pm at the latest. Of course this will have to be adjusted on Wednesdays and Saturdays when Joseph gets home late from school and work, respectively.

So Monday successfully went like this:
MEAL 1 - boiled egg, yogurt
MEAL 2 - raisins
MEAL 3 - salad
MEAL 4 - cheese crackers (I was informed by my hubby that this is not on the Dr. Ian list of acceptable snacks; however, I ate two packs of 100 calorie snacks and I think this is OK since it is my first day and I was well under the daily caloric intake limits for a dieting woman, give me a break ... Geez!)
MEAL 5 - Peas and carrots and Tilapia (on the George Forman, the grilling added a very nice touch. I grilled it with some cumin, pepper, garlic, parmesan cheese and light seasoning salt.)
MEAL 6 - Popcorn

I would say yesterday went pretty well, considering I was not hungry and it was nice to have someone to chat about it with at the end of the day, including you blog readers and my hubby!

~Everything is a Process ... Just keep swimming.

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