Thursday, March 18, 2010

Excited about some things; Melancholy about others ...

Hey everyone,

I suppose the subject line of this post just about sums everything up. I have probably lost a grand total of 5lbs in the last month. Not too exciting but not bad either. If I lost 5lbs a month, I would be very close to my goal by mid summer and that is all I am asking for. So that is exciting. The hubby and I have reached a compromise that may be compromising my goal. Strict diet on weekdays and cheating on weekends. While I have managed to lose about 1lb a week like this, I have done some research and the studies show that this method could ultimately lead to weight gain. On the other hand, there are some very exciting things going on in my life. Including being a possible speaker at my graduation in August, buying a house in August and my hair is growing!! So you take the good with the bad or in this case, not bad, just slow.

~Everything is a Process ... Just keep swimming.


  1. ...Understably so

    Congratulations on the potential speaking opportunity, new house, and longer hair. I aspire! lol.

    Just a thought, and forgive me for saying so: Why can't he cheat on the weekends, but YOU stick to YOUR goal?

    Love you,
    - a


Thanks for sharing with me as I take this journey.