Monday, February 8, 2010

The Race begins AGAIN - 225lb ... How did I let this happen?

So I have pretty much accepted that I will probably be on a never-ending journey to control my weight for the following reasons:

1. I probably have the world's slowest metabolism.
2. I believe that Genetics play a HUGE role in this game and most of my mom's side of the family is overweight. In fact, I can't name ONE skinny blood related relative :(
3. There are so many health related diseases and many of them also run in my family such as Diabetes, Cancer and Hypertension.
4. I want to have lots of babies and people historically gain unwanted weight during pregnancies.
5. I am prone to eat unhealthily while I am stressed and I live a high stress life. I actually believe I thrive off of being stressed. If I have a free moment, I plan something, because I don't like free time.

So with all that in mind ... I am off on my journey, no time limits, no judgment, no giving up.

Here are the rules:
1. No deep fried foods
2. No white potatoes, white rice, pasta noodles or white bread
3. 3 or more servings of vegetables EVERYDAY
4. No eating after 8pm
5. 4 bottles of water EVERYDAY
6. I cheat once per week with 1 item that I have been craving.
7. Walk 30 mins on treadmill whenever I get a chance.
8. Replace sweets with fruit when possible.
9. 6 meals a day to get the metabolism geared up.

Today's sustenance:

breakfast - oatmeal
snack - nothing
lunch - mixed vegetables
snack - oatmeal
dinner - Turkey, broccoli, carrots
snack - sweet potato mash

Bottles of water today? Working on this, I haven't bought the bottles yet. :(


  1. Get a reusable bottle for water and a Brita. Refill at work. Save the planet darling. I plan on starting my "diet" tomorrow. I have been here, done that all before... my goal is healthy, not a number.

  2. Thanks Sham, I will look into that, I want to get a bottle that is BPA free. And true, the numbers can be discouraging if you let them.

  3. I second Shamyle. Get a BRITA! Do you have a treadmill? I have some old Tae-Bo videos I keep pretending I will do. Do you want me to just send them to you?

  4. Yes, please send the Taebo videos and yes, I have a treadmill. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing with me as I take this journey.