Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The ultimate UPDATE of all UPDATES

So, I am getting married in about 3 weeks. I am soo EXTRA excited. Did I lose 70lbs yet? The short and simple answer is no. Is my fight over? The other short and simple answer is no. I have lost 25lbs, I have gained about 10lbs and I have not met a few goals that I set for myself in the last 4 months. But am I happy? YES I am blissfully thrilled about my new life that is set to begin in exactly 19 days! This is pure bliss.

As a sidenote, here is some advice I am seeking to heed to in my upcoming weeks:

First: Sleep is your best friend.
Do not, I repeat, do not put off sleep in order to complete a task, ANY task, regardless of how important you think it is-- whether it be the night before the wedding or any other night between now and then!

Losing sleep is going to cause more problems than it can solve.
The closer you get to the wedding, the more important sleep becomes! It is a great de-stresser.
Did I mention to make sure and get plenty of sleep? yeah. Get it.

If you choose to ignore the whole sleep-is-important thing, then I highly recommend Mountain Dew and/or 5-hour energy shots and a good concealer!

Second: If you have a task, --i.e., printing programs, folding them, putting together random favors, or any other task like this-- and this task is not done within 4-5 days before the wedding, then scratch it off your list and forget about it.
The closer you get to the wedding, the less time you are going to have (I kid you not). Time literally just disappears.

You will want to spend as much time as possible with friends and family. You'll look back and most likely regret it if you don't.

Any task that you haven't completed by that point will erupt and stress you out more than it's worth! If it really is that important that it be done by the wedding, call up a few girlfriends (preferably not bridesmaids) and ask them if they can lend a hand.
I did this and it was a huge help!

I didn't get my programs printed. I ran out of time and ended up trying to do them the night before the wedding. This caused me to lose an extra 2 hours of sleep, and I STILL couldn't get the dang printer to print them. So I said "heck with you!" and guess what? Nobody noticed or cared that there were no programs. The wedding went on without the guests knowing what was going to happen step-by-step. It wasn't a necessity!

Third: If you haven't already, I suggest finding a good, responsible friend (again, not a bridesmaid) to be your VIP person for your wedding day. Someone who can run errands, pick up your dress, get you from Point A to Point B, get your luggage from your house to your get-away car, and be your Go-To person.
Give them all the names and numbers of the important people that they might need to call. Trust me-- this person will help you so much and take so much stress off your shoulders!

Fourth: Have a designated person to get you FOOD at the reception, otherwise you will never make it to the food line. (Unless you are having a sit-down meal, in which case it wouldn't really matter).
You WILL get flooded by a hundred people, congratulating you and saying all the exact same things over and over again. Be prepared to answer the same questions with the same answers over and over again.
Warning: Your cheeks will hurt. Bad. So will your feet.

Fifth (and last, I promise): Try your hardest to not let the little things get to you. I got a little overwhelmed by everything at the reception, and I ended up in a sour mood for a while. Be determined to enjoy yourself, regardless of what went wrong or what went right.
The point is that you are getting MARRIED.

It's not about your guests, whether they absolutely loved or hated the food or favors.
It's not about your bridesmaids being happy with their dress/shoes, or whether your groomsmen behaved well or not.
It doesn't matter if some kid cried during the whole ceremony, or if the flower girl didn't even make it to the end without having a meltdown.
It's not about pleasing your parents, or your grandparents.

It's about you and your new husband, joining forces with God and becoming Husband and Wife. Simple as that.
Always keep that as your focus, and everything else will fall into place!

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