Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Husband Effect

Sigh... is how I will start this posting. Not that I am de-motivated but I am de-motivated for the next week apparently. I brought my idea back to the hubby and his first response of course is that I am beautiful. That is good ... that is what he is supposed to say. His second response however, is that he wants to join me in my fight and go on the journey with me. CRICKETS ... Um, first he has zero will-power. I am sure this will end in him getting me to eat ice cream and cookies and he still losing like 30lbs and me gaining 30lbs just for tasting HIS ice cream. BUT as a second thought I am absolutely thrilled about having him on board. This means the house can become my solace and not a source of temptation with two menus and two types of food hanging around. But here is the catch, we decided to go on Dr. Ian's 50 million pound challenge and we decided to start it NEXT week. Why are hubbies always tryna put something off til the proverbial next week?? But with a good argument in hand, I couldn't say no and so next week it is. (by the way, the good argument is that our house is currently FILLED with horrible food, so we can eat it down a bit and buy all new groceries over the weekend for the 50 million pound 30 day meal plan, email me if you want it alicia.malik@gmail.com) SO with that said, yesterday went something like this:

Meal 1- oatmeal
Meal 2 - oatmeal
Meal 3- 3 fried chicken wings
Meal 4 - Milk and Oreos

Sigh ... the hubby effect, gotta love him :)

~Everything is a Process ... Just keep swimming.


  1. So who is Dr. Ian? I need more background. Is it good or bad to end the day with the milk and oreos? I'm reading these out of order, so some things sound a little questionable. lol. I admire you (re)motivation. YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Yes you are reading these out of order, check the dates. The most recent one is at the top. I began these new posts on February 8, 2010. The rest of these are older, from when I was on a diet in prep for the wedding. And sadly, YES it is bad to end the day with milk and cookies and particularly at a late hour, which I have done.

    Dr. Ian - Founder of the 50 million pound challenge ... http://www.50millionpounds.com/ I am sure you have seen him. It is a program to help America lose weight, since we are known as an overweight nation.


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