Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday Dinner

This is my third Sunday Dinner since I began this diet. You would think that I would have this down by now, but I am beginning to get worried about Sundays. Perhaps I should spend them in solitude.

Yesterday's Subsistence

Breakfast - oatmeal, two beef breakfast links
Snack 1 - nothing
Lunch - one fried chicken breast and one wing, collard greens, cold slaw, DESSERT: sweet potato pie (hey, they say this is good for you, but they probably meant sans the sugar!)
Snack 2 - nothing
Dinner - nothing (I felt guilty. This is not healthy. You need food to remind your body that you are not going through a famine.)
Snack 3 (OPTIONAL IF AFTER 7PM) - 8 tortilla chips

Exercise is mandatory.

"Just Keep Swimming"

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