Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eating Breakfast

Apparently eating breakfast is a key proponent to dieting successfully. I ate breakfast this morning and it allowed me to fit more meals in the day and it gave me more energy. Perhaps there is something about breakfast that gives you a jump-start that keeps the metabolism moving. It is hard for me to eat the 5 meals a day because I am not hungry at those intervals due to over-eating at an earlier interval or skipping a meal or two. For this reason my metabolism slows down as mentioned in my earlier post.

Yesterday's Subsistence

Breakfast - oatmeal with apples and cranberries
Snack 1 - nothing
Lunch - Juice Plus shake
Snack 2 - yogurt
Dinner - Vegetable soup with noodles and a side of collard greens
Snack 3 (OPTIONAL IF AFTER 7PM) - nothing

According to the Mayo Clinic, Studies show that people who eat breakfast — especially a healthy breakfast — are more likely to:

* Consume more vitamins and minerals and less fat and cholesterol during the day.
* Have better concentration and be more productive throughout the morning.
* Control their weight.
* Have more strength and endurance.
* Have lower cholesterol.

"Just Keep Swimming"

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