Monday, August 4, 2008


So unfortunately I did not get into the Wayne State program. So sad. But tomorrow is a new day. The first step to recovery is to take the GRE. I plan to take the GRE and re-apply to some other programs, perhaps some programs in Houston, Texas!! The relocation is exciting. I am excited to get back to the realest people that I have ever met. God is working with me and I know he has a great purpose for me of which I can't even imagine the depths. Some inspiring piece:

The Weekend

The weekend is this eternal bridge
That's connecting the toils of your work week
With a couple of days of resting and recovery

The weekend is this eternal loop that runs on for eternity
Touching both sides of the week (Friday the end) (Sunday the beginning)
And putting all of the good stuff smack dab right in the middle

The weekend is for slowing down and resting and unwinding
There will not be any compressing and stressing done this weekend
There will be no worrying leaving all of that for the many week days

The weekend is a time to set yourself free
There's plenty of time to be bound up on any average week day
A weekend may even be the perfect day to smile and clown around a little bit

Work your weekends to rest to the very best of your abilities
To discover new things to liven up your life
And make everything once again alright....

Copyright 2008 Howard Keith West

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