Thursday, August 21, 2008

Over Tracks Next to Train Stations

I wrote this piece some time ago and a friend honestly remarked, "I don't get it." I appreciated her honesty. I then thought on the poem. Maybe, I didn't get it at the time either but here is my explanation. This poem is saying get it together, you got to heal your heart, get it together, you got to heal your soul. Wait... actually that is an India Arie song. This poem represents a person in a broken state who is given a chance to reflect on the life that has come to this stage. When love has broken your heart and poor relationship choices have left you confused etc. You are almost suicidal, like a body lain over train tracks. But that choice to give up is ignorant. It is not the best choice because people come and go and love changes, so the best thing to do is get it together, heal your hear, you better get it together, heal your soul and move on.

Over Tracks Next to Train Stations

in a million pieces i lay on the ground
too many pieces to recollect
the thump of my heart makes the only sound
too many heart-aches to circumspect
i lay in destitute sets of altered shambles
in the face of love
i continue to take countless risky gambles
i vacillate between the success of distant relations
and sheets of failure
i lay in ignorance over tracks next to train stations.


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