Friday, August 22, 2008

Law School Re-Applications

Ahh ... nothing is more frustrating that re-doing something. Do you ever remember building some tall tower of nothingness like cards or blocks as a kid and having it toppled to the ground in an instant by some inconsiderate person who passes by or your stupid little sister or brother? What about that time you wrote a paper on the computer and lost everything? Each time you had to start over it sucked, it sucked a little piece of you out and crushed it. It hurts. But oddly enough I am excited about starting over. Every time I have been forced to start over, its better the second time around. Now that I have riddled this entry with cliches, I suppose I can insert some real talk. I am fearful but prayerful. I know that this journey will be long but over the last couple of years God has strengthened me and I believe that I am prepared this time around. Pray for me. Keep pushing.

UPDATE ON THIS MATTER (1/9/2009) - Since this school has 3 entrance cycles per year. I cannot find out about the status of my admission until the cycle I applying for (August 2009) is near. Which means I may not know if I am back in law school again until about June of this year. I will keep you guys posted. Thanks for caring.

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  1. I know it will be better the second time around. I feel like there's an old Negro spiritual to that affect... I love you!



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