Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Dinner is ROUGH!

Black folks know that they love to make people break their diets on Sunday. WOW was that rough. Fortunately they did not have my personal weakness, which is fried chicken. But they had a straight smorgasbord of everything else. HOWEVER ... I won against the Sunday Dinner Monster!! I selected amongst the grease and starch a healthy plate of food and I was satisfied UNTIL they broke out the birthday cake with BUTTER CREME ICING!!! Are they secretly trying to sabotage me? I already passed up the to-die-for pound cake! How many times do they want me to say no? OK so I broke and I had a tiny piece of birthday cake BUT I did manage to cut off half the icing. So I feel like I somewhat triumphed.

Yesterday's Subsistence

Breakfast - wheat bran flakes with half banana and raisins
Snack 1 - nothing
Lunch - meat loaf, green beans, collard greens DESSERT-birthday cake
Snack 2 - nothing
Dinner - 1 serving of Tortilla chips and regular salsa
Snack 3 (OPTIONAL IF AFTER 7PM) - Craisins

SO with that said ... the ultimate rule for Sunday dinner is no starchie sides. Eat the meat, vegetables and a tiny slither of dessert (because who can turn down good Sunday Dinner dessert?). The good thing about Sunday dinner, is that it is always early in the day so you have time to run, walk, jog, sleep the effects off before you lay down for bed.

"Just Keep Swimming"

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